Film displayed at the V&A as part of the exhibition 'Visual Feast'
Exhibition Film Stills
Exhibition Film Stills
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3D Scan of Silvia Weidenbach


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Film created for the exhibition 'Visual Feast' at the Victoria & Albert Museum, 2018-19. Exploring the ideas of lateral thinking, modern production techniques of both jewellery and digital art and the digital landscape as object, the film unpicks the form and mood established within both classic and contemporary work. Utilising 3D scanning technology, pieces from the Gilbert Collection, such as the snuffbox made for Frederick II were recorded into the computer, allowing them to be manipulated and viewed in entirely new ways, free from their physical form. Warping, extending and blending these classic pieces with Weidenbach's contemporary 3D printed jewellery allows for a continuation of thought - showing how old influences new and how similarities and contrasts can be established. Viewing both sets of work within the digital realm allows for a dialogue to be opened.




Jon Emmony / Silvia Weidenbach

Supported by

V&A and The Gilbert Trust For The Arts

dark project