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Environmental activist Satish Kumar guides us on a journey that surveys the grotesqueness and beauty of mankind’s interaction with the planet. Earth (The Unseen) is a bird’s-eye tour of the beauty and grotesqueness of human interaction with the planet. So prolific is our ruination of the earth that trash has almost become a natural phenomenon—burnt rubber, discarded alloys and jettisoned materials pervade the landscape as much as tree roots and waterfalls. In this film that splices CGI graphics into traditional filming techniques, we get a further sense of the processed and manmade assimilating with the natural. Commissioned as part of NOWNESS' 'Survival Season'. Winner of 'Best Experimental Film' and 'Best Green Film' at Fashion Film Festival Milano 2019.




Jon Emmony & William Farr

Commissioned by



William Farr


Jordan Hunt


Satish Kumar

Art Assistant

Sophie Roqueta

dark project